Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade Vows To Overturn “Nazi” LGBT History Bill

California hate-group, Stop SB 48, is the latest hate-group that has decided to try and overturn the historic LGBT History Bill recently signed by Gov. Brown.

According to Christianists propaganda hate-site, OneNewsNow, the hate-mongering asshats are coming out of the woodwork in California. Some douche-nozzle named Larry Jacobs, from World Congress of “Families” (with the word ‘Family’ it’s fairly easy to pick out the hate-groups, as they’re decidedly anti-family), went so far as to compare the bill to the Nazi state.

“When people have [voted], and Governor Brown knows that he has an issue that would fail when put to a popular vote, of course, they just go around the people,” Jacobs explains. “They essentially implement their will. And, of course, in a democracy, that’s not the way things are supposed to work. It’s certainly something that forces our children to be indoctrinated in a certain way. It’s like a Nazi state or a communist type of way of dealing with an issue.

Let us just ignore the blatant hatred in the quote for the moment and head straight for the stupid. If morons like this Jacobs ass pulled their heads out of their magic story book, and cracked a history book…and no you fuck-wits, the Bible IS NOT a history book…then maybe you would understand that Nazis and Communists are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum. I guess the Christ-Fascist Zombie Brigade doesn’t care about facts.

What do you think?

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