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Anti-Gay Teabagger Allen West Compares Being Gay to Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Anti-gay fuck-stick Uncle Tom Representative Allen West over the past few weeks has made his bigotry and hatred of gay people quite clear. In an interview with the Sun Sentinel West explained that being gay is a choice, you know much like being black, and that being gay is like chocolate chip ice cream.

“Should gay people change their behavior and not be gay?” West replied: “No. I like chocolate chip ice cream and I will continue to like chocolate chip ice cream. So there’s no worry about me changing to vanilla. I like to, you know, ride my motorcycle. What do you want me to do? You want me to change my behavior and ride a scooter? I’m not into that.”

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Originally from Denver, now living in the Low Countries of Europe. Spent four years in the Navy, got out when I realized I was a big ole flaming mo. Lived in NYC for almost a decade until meeting my husband, who because of the f'ed up immigration laws, can't stay in the US. I'm obsessed with politics and LGBT activism. I cannot stand or abide ANY form of religious stupidity or bigotry....oh, or republicans.

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