WIN A Michele Bachmann Voodoo Poodoo Doll Courtesy Of Bubble Genius and!

That’s right kids its time to brush off that book of Gregorian chants and polish off those pins and fully let your aggressions out! (In a fun and joking way….of course, em)

Thanks to Bubble Genius, that awesome company that makes vegan bath and body soap and  products that are good for your skin and good for the environment. you can be the proud owner of your very own Michele Bachman Voodoo PooDoo Doll!  And to top it off and the doll itself  is stuffed with shredded elephant poo paper (no, it doesn’t smell). So it REALLY is  full of GOP SHIT!

The Michele Bachmann Voodoo  Doll,  comes with nine pins (red, white and blue, naturally), and also a keychain accessory with an image of a cuckoo clock on it. (Effeminate closet case husband optional)

And all you have to do is leave a comment below with a contact email so in the event that you win Bubble Genius can directly ship you one of the must have items of the 2012 Election Season or if you have TWITTER retweet this post and FOLLOW US  @Back2Stonewall_

The contest deadline is July 17, 2011

Also be sure to check out the other Bubble Genius GOP VooDoo PooDolls which include Glenn Beck , John Boehner , Ann Coulter , Virginia Foxx, Rush Limbaugh  and the ever unpopular Sarah Palin and thier other great products by CLICKING  HERE

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