Welcome To The NEW and IMPROVED Back2Stonewall.com!

 As you can see Back2Stonewall.com has undergone an EXTREME Makeover.  (But unfortunately no visit from Ty Pennington dammit!)

Gone is clunky old Blogger and now we have a new smooth and sleek WordPress theme.

But never fear!  Blogger might be gone but the Back2Stonewall in your face truth and snark still remains!  (Like it or not)

But we’re not done.  Oh noooooooo.  Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding new features and new staff so keep exploring because you’ll never know what you will find here next!

I’d like to goive a VERY special and grateful thanks to the ever IT talented and handsome Roy Mckenzie for handeling the redesign and switchover. 


Hope you like the new layout everybody!

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