Video – GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia Hits New LOW. Uses His Bashing To Attack Hate Crimes Laws On FOX News

Earlier in the week Jimmy LaSalvia of GOFuckyourself  GOProud spoke out about the “supposed” hate crime that was made upon him last Saturday night when he was riding his bike behind the Capitol in SE DC when he was pushed to the ground by a gang of youths.

LaSalvia waited almost 72 hours before releasing the story and statements to the Washington Blade and other news sources about his “bashing” and in dramatic fashion.

“I was on my bike when I approached them,” LaSalvia told the Blade in an e-mail. “Just as I got up to them, the assailant lunged off the sidewalk toward me on the street and delivered a punch across my chest. The momentum of my bicycling driving me into his fist and arm caused a shocking pain like I’ve never felt before,” he said.

“Just as I began to realize what was happening, I heard it. The words are still ringing in my ears as I write this today – ‘F____ faggot!’. It was clear to me in that moment that my sexual orientation had motivated this attack.”

LaSalvia said that after barely catching himself from falling to the ground, he reached into his backpack for his cell phone, with the thought of calling the police. That action prompted one of the teenagers accompanying the attacker to say, “Does he have a gun?” The attacker and a few of the others with him “puffed up their chests and were clearly ready to continue the attack,” he said. But seconds later, the group fled the scene after he kept his hand inside his backpack, “allowing them to wonder if I was reaching for a gun.”

So of course today Jimmy LaSalvia appeared on on Fox News to use  his gay-bashing to push the GOP and GOFuckyourslef  GOProuds platform AGAINST The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Law and use it as  proof positive that hate crimes laws don’t work.

And whats even more idiotic is the fact LaSalvia doesn’t know that yes, the hate crime laws were set up to hopefully be a deterrent to these crimes, but they mainly put in place to insure investigation and prosecution of such crimes.

And I knew this was coming.  The morning after LaSalvia’ss confrontation Chris Barron was on Twitter saying the same thing  about hate crime laws not working and also pushing people to carry guns.

There are many out there in the LGBT community I have met that say “Jimmy LaSalvia isn’t as bad as Chris Barron” But I beg to differ.  BOTH Barron and LaSalvia are nothing more than self loathing homo scum who will stoop to any level to push their “I’m gay but I care about my wallet so I support the GOP at any cost” agenda even if it causes harm to the LGBT community.

 I wonder if Miss LaSaliva has considered that maybe she wasn’t gay-bashed at all and might have been  GOProud-bashed by a gang of LGBT youths.

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