Video – Christian Broardcast Network Presents Lie Filled Propaganda Piece To Protect The Bachmann’s and "Pray The Gay Away" Therapy

The Christian Broadcast Network televised a massive fact lacking propaganda piece yesterday defending the Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “Pray The Gay Away” therapy clinic by trotting out  evangelical researcher Mark Yarhouse of Pat Robertson’s Regent University and praised his presentation at the American Psychological Associations Annual Conference

Unfortunatltly the CBC just happened to leave out that this was back in 2007 and that their work was fully funded by Exodus International  and it utilized activist research subjects who were recruited with help from Exodus and the ex-gay therapy lobby NARTH and that it had many many problems

Via Truth Wins Out:

•The study was conducted by two supporters of ex-gay ministries.
•Yarhouse originally sought 300 participants, but after more than a year of seeking to round up volunteers, they had to settle on only 98 participants.
•During the course of the study, 25 dropped out, and one participant’s answers were too incomplete to be used.
•Of the remaining 72 only 11 reported “satisfactory, if not uncomplicated, heterosexual adjustment.” (direct quote). Some of these 11 remained primarily homosexual in attraction or, at best, bisexual, but were satisfied that they were just slightly more attracted to the opposite sex, or slightly less attracted to the same sex.
•After the study ended, but before the book was finished, one of the 11 wrote to the authors to say that he lied — he really wanted to change, had really hoped he had changed, and answered that he had changed. But he concluded that he hadn’t, came out, and is now living as an openly gay man.
•Dozens of participants experienced no lessening of same-sex attraction and no increase in opposite-sex attraction, but were classified as “success” stories by Jones and Yarhouse simply because they maintained celibacy — something many conservative gay people already do.
•The study purposely declined to interview any ex-gay survivors: people who claim to have been injured by ex-gay programs and who have formed support groups such as Beyond Ex-Gay. Despite — or because of — this omission, the authors of this study make the unfounded claim that there is little or no evidence of harm resulting from unproven, unsupervised, unlicensed, and amateur ex-gay counseling tactics.

But in reality the APA criticized  Yarhouse’s research methods pointing out most “notably the absence of a control or comparison group and the threats to internal, external, construct, and statistical validity. Best-practice analytical techniques were not performed in the study, and there are significant deficiencies in the analysis of longitudinal data, use of statistical measures, and choice of assessment measures”.

CBN then furthers the propaganda report by trotting out a representative of the Media Research Center which is known, and proven by yesterday to be one of the many umbrella and astroturfing groups that has direct ties to the hate group the Family Research Council.and the extreme fanatical religious right.

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