Video – AmericaBlogGay’s John Aravosis Takes On Uber Crazy Conservative Dennis Prager

John Aravosis founder of AmericaBlog and AmericaBlogGay appeared on CNN where he took on ultra-conservative radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, and whackadoodle Dennis Prager on the subject of gay marriage.

Nutjob Prager is probably most well for his idiocy of early in 2009 when he accused Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, of taking the oath of office in a photo-op reenactment of the actual oath with the Islamic Quran. Prager stated that America was “imperiled” by Ellison taking the oath on the Quran in substitution of the Bible as the Bible, “the moral basis of American civilization” in Prager’s view, had never before been replaced by another religious work.

Joe Solmonese and Fres Sainz tale note.  THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT.  Debate and discredit. 

Awesome work by Aravosis, and especially the mention about Perkins and the FRC being a hate group that’s continually allowed to be on television.

What do you think?

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