Self Loathing "Ex -Gay" Exodus International President Alan Chambers: No GAY Is Good Gay

Celibacy is the godly option for all single men and women. Yet today, while many Christians with same-sex attractions are choosing celibacy, they’re also opting to keep the gay identity/label. This falls short of God’s best because identity matters. How we view and refer to ourselves is very important. Twenty years ago when I began my journey out of the gay lifestyle toward holiness, I could’ve simply worked on my sexual urges and opted not to deal with the deeper issues that fueled my desire for sex. I could’ve called myself a celibate gay man and left it at that. But that wouldn’t have taken me far.” – Exodus International president Alan Chambers.

So basically this extreme closet case is saying even if he doesn’t suck a dick for the rest of his unatural life he’s still going to hell. 

So why bother being self loathing, hateful and celibate?  Chambers makes over  $500,000.00 in wages, and employee benefits a year.  (Cheap whore)

What do you think?

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