Rick “Good Hair” Perry Back an Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

At the cavalcade of conservative clap-trap in Denver this past week, Texas Governor Rick Perry said that he supports a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. This after previously saying that social issues were a state-by-state issue. From USA Today:

Perry…said social issues should be decided state by state and even remarked that New York’s passage of gay marriage law was that state’s business. Still, he said he would support a constitutional amendment that takes away the power of the states to decide who can get married.

“Yes, sir, I would. I am for the federal marriage amendment,” he said. “And that’s about as sharp a point as I could put on it.”

This from a guy who thinks creationism should be taught in school. Luck for Texas that the Governor’s office is purely ceremonial. What a clown.

What do you think?

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