President Obama’s Perfect Opportunity at a 2nd Chance?

An excellent post from Kerry Eleveld at Equality Matters:

Friday morning, Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook confirmed that Brian Bond, the de facto White House liaison to the LGBT community, is leaving to join the Democratic National Committee. Via Allen:

“BRIAN BOND joins DNC as director of constituency outreach. He has been at White House Office of Public Engagement for past two years and has been on frontlines of key initiatives, particularly on LGBT front.”

Truth be told, Bond was not a chief political advisor to the president on LGBT issues and he didn’t carry the title of “special assistant” (or higher) to the president – a rank that affords people clout and ensures them a certain amount of access to the Oval Office. John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management, has primarily served as the lead on LGBT issues in the context of this administration. Bond was more likely to be relaying and implementing what had been decided by others.

What do you think?

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