NOM’s Brian Brown Wants To Build An “Army” To Stop Same Sex Marriage – DAJH (Don’t Ask Just Hate)

On Sunday, while 400 people marched in Manhattan against same sex marriage, (NOT the 10,000 that the National Organization has been lying about) Brian Brown the figurehead president of the National Organization for Marriage said his group, and others, should build a new coalition to push for a statewide referendum on same-sex marriage.  If Brown knew anything about New York State Constitution, which he obviously doesn’t he’d realize that it would  require the approval of two successive legislatures and a popular vote and has about as much of a chance of happening as Maggie Gallagher – Srivastav squeezing into a size 2 dress.

Brown, Gallagher, and NOM has also called for action against seven senators who “betrayed us” by reversing their positions between 2009 and this year to back same-sex marriage.  We are not the kind of people that when politicians betray us, to take our rights away, go home,” Brown said. “If they believe their polls, then let this come to a vote. I don’t think lies enacted into law can last.”

Brown has yet to explain what “rights” that same sex marriage in New York State has taken away from him.  probably because he lives in Conneticut.  But if its a war he and Maggie wants its a war that he and Maggie will get.

I looooove the smell of BBQ pig in the morning!

Via – Capitol Confidential

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