MTV Airs "Pray The Gay Away" TRUE LIFE Episode Disregarding The Abuses and Dangers

Last night MTV, which by the way somehow has an EXCELLENT rating from GLAAD on  gay-friendly programming (I wonder how much they donated?) aired an episode of TRUE LIFE  which told the  stories of Kevin and Melanie, two young adults who changed their sexual identities because of the pressure they felt from their families via “Pray The Gay Away” therapy called TRUE LIFE: I Want To Be Straight

MTV ignored the numerous problems and facts of brainwashing, abuses, and the further horrible complications and dangers of this therapy and focused only on the change within the two people involved and even followed up with one of shows “patients” on the shows MTV blog  again only positively showcasing his “change” without any disclaimer of the horrible ramifications that this type of “therapy” can have.

MTV should be called to task immediately for airing this erroneous and dangerous misinformation as legitimate and be forced to edit it with a full disclaimer of the dangers of “Pray Away The Gay” therapy.

This program will air again tonight, Friday 7/15 at 7:00 PM ET/PT on MTV

What do you think?

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