Minnesota Anti-Gay Marriage Donor Received More Than 2 Million Dollars In Goverment War Contracts

Last Thursday the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board ruled  that major corporate donors related to the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage  must be disclosed. But Minnesota’s already strong disclosure laws reveal many large donors behind the seven-year battle the Minnesota Family Council has waged to get the amendment on the ballot next year.

The  Minnesota Catholic Conference, the policy arm of the Roman Catholic Church in Minnesota, is exclusively funded by the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis, unlike other organizations which have a diversity of donors. On the other hand the Minnesota Family Council (MFC), Minnesota for Marriage (M4M) and Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage (MCDM), the money is primarily from large donors including one donor who received over 2 million dollars in Government contracts over the past 10 years.

Joel Jennings is CEO of Gopher Sport, which also goes under the name of “The Prophet Corporation is a sporting apparel and equipment company based in Owatonna, MN.  Jennings personally gave M4M $15,000 in 2005, and the Jennings Family Foundation has also given the Minnesota Family Council $80,000 since 2003.  The Minnesota Family Council is consistently in the top five recipients of the foundation and Jennings also gave money to MFC’s lobbying efforts in 2010.

The company itself has received over $2 million in defense contracts between 2000 and 2010 and another $130,00 in other government contracts so at t least a portion of the company’s profits come from the government which was later passed into anti-gay donations.

Profits from war used to promote hate.  How much more disgusting can it get?

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