Meet Randy Hastings Americas First (Legit?) Gay Male Naked Therapist. But Will He "Lift Your Luggage"?

Sarah Whites Naked Therapy is introducing their first gay male naked therapist to the world. (Legitimate that is..)  has hired 38 year old Randy Hastings the world’s first gay male Naked Therapist-in-Training, has joined her practice. Randy, who is based in Los Angeles, is now offering Naked Therapy sessions, both via webcam and in-person.

Naked Therapy is a form of talk therapy that integrates client arousal into the therapeutic context in order to facilitate deeper insights and discussions. This arousal is facilitated by the Naked Therapist in a number of ways, though it usually involves the therapist getting naked.

Whites “practice”considers nudity a serious psychoanalytic tool. 

“…. like massage therapy uses massage, psychotherapy uses psychology, and aromatherapy uses scents, Naked Therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier.  But Naked Therapy is a form of therapy that is made to deal with any of the problems regular therapy deals with.  Just like in traditional therapy, we talk about the client, his issues, his worries, his concerns, and we work together to make him happier and more self-realized. Only difference is, there’s nakedness involved, and this means arousal, and Naked Therapy sees that as a good thing. We need to be comfortable being aroused, and we need to practice making that arousal experience a valuable and insightful, not a banal and degrading, one.”

Not surprisingly, naked therapy runs counter to guidelines accepted by the psychologists and other mental health professionals. While traditional psychoanalysts will go to great lengths to help their patients, actions of a sexual nature, nakedness, and touching are considered verboten. In fact, Diana Kirtchner, an NYC-based clinical psychologist quoted by the NY Daily News said that Naked Therapy was nothing more than “interactive soft-core Internet porn.”
Randy’s rates?  $150 for an hour-long webcam session and of course more for an office or hotel visit.
If you have Daddy issues this might be the way to go.  But if  not try – Bigger selections and may be more hands on.

What do you think?

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