Liverpool, England “Church” Practices Harmful Ex-Gay Reparative Therapy

According to the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, a Pentecostal church called Frontline is participating in the dangerous practice of ex-gay reparative therapy.

Frontline runs a ministry called Life, a group connected to a larger, US-based organisation “called and ordained to set people free from homosexuality through the truth and power of God and His Son, Jesus Christ”.

This supposedly open and accepting ‘Christian’ group is ostracizing and demeaning members of the LGBT community to fit into some batshit insane idea of their religious intolerance.

…a young lesbian who attended Frontline, although she never took part in Life. When she told fellow Christians at the church about her sexuality, they “treated it like a disease and wanted to pray over me to get rid of the illness,” she confided. “It just felt like those people in church would have preferred if I had stayed as the person in intense physical and mental pain rather than being happy and in love. It felt so twisted.”

The troubling practices of Frontline stem from a belief that homosexuality is caused by demonic possession.

Demonic influence can play a part in homosexuality, but not always, and Frontline discourages members and leaders from identifying themselves as “gay”, preferring the descriptor “Christian who struggles with homosexual feelings”.

You can watch The Guardian’s John Harris’ video report on Frontline church below:

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