Lack Of Integrty In The LGBT Community – NYC Pride, Seattle Pride, Twin Cities Pride ALL Acceptted Money From TARGET Corp

While many of us still refuse to set foot one foot inside a TARGET Store and Lady Gaga refuses to sell her wares there it seems that many Pride Organizations in the USA have very little reason to be proud after accepting sponsorship donations from retail giant itself while local Target stores are sponsoring a number of smaller festivals so they’d have enough balloons and booze for their 2011 Pride soiree’s

New York City, Minnesota Twin Cities, and Seattle Pride ALL received money from the TARGET and show very little regret at doing so.

TARGET which is based in Minneapolis Minnesota has always been of their Pride Festivities and Because of Twin Cities Pride’s 501(c)(3) tax status, the organization cannot openly criticize Target or formally join a boycott of the company (but they could refuse the money) and Seattle Pride Board Director Adam Rosencrantz issued just a one sentence statement about TARGETS sponsorship.  “We are glad to see major corporations sponsor events that bring people together in Pride,”

But Chris Fredrick, managing director of Heritage of Pride which runs the oldest and most meaning Pride festival in America the NYC Gay Pride Festival put it more bluntly  “”It was a choice of whether I wanted to take the money, or if another pride would just end up taking it,” he said. “A lot of major corporations support major Republican initiatives. I don’t think it was an anti-marriage donation; I think it was more of a pro-business donation that just so happened to be tied into a candidate that was anti-marriage.”  (At the time HOP was spending TARGETS money on the Gay Pride Parade, TARGET Corp was suing a California gay advocacy group for lobbying for same sex marriage outside its stores.)

We, as a community  NEED to show integrity, and truthfully that has been lacking greatly for many years now.  From GLAAD’s involvement with AT&T to accepting money from questionable corporations which many are boycotting just because they are handing it out and we want more floats and go-go boys at a parade.

Without integrity nothing works. 

How in the world will we ever gain the respect of  others when when obviously as a community we do not respect ourselves.

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  1. I usually agree with you on things but doesn't Target have a right to no solicitation or lobbying outside their store? As far as political contributions go, can't we tie just about any major corporation supporting big business candidates that are more often than not anti-gay? To what end do we boycott corporations like this? When I need something from a store I don't always think about the political contributions or views of the corp itself.

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