Iowa Conservative GOP Pledge: "Being Gay Is A Choice" – Truth Is Its Not, But Being An Evil Homophobic Bigot Is

Those of us with IQ’s over 60 know that just as straight people don’t make a choice to be attracted to the opposite sex, gay people do not make the choice to be attracted to people and even though scientific research is proving this everyday and the American Psychiatric Association agrees with this almost 40 years ago and  decided to drop homosexuality as a diagnostic category. 

But that’s not stopping Bob Vander Plaats and his insane groupof anti-gay social conservatives, The Family Leader, who are asking ALL Republican presidential candidates to pledge allegiance to a document called The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family. (The”pledge” also calls for candidates to ban pornography and reject the Sharia law.  But hey, we got top billing)

– HOMOSEXUALITY IS A CHOICE: The preface to the pledge reads, “Social protections…have been evaporating as we have collectively ‘debased the currency’ of marriage…in complete absence of empirical proof, that non-heterosexual inclination are genetically determined, irresistible and akin to innate traits like race, gender and eye color; as well as anti-scientific bias which holds, against all empirical evidence, that homosexual behavior in particular, and sexual promiscuity in general, optimizes individual or public health.” Footnote 8 reiterates this notion.

– HOMOSEXUALITY IS LIKE POLYGAMY, ADULTERY, POLYANDRY: Vow 4 requires the candidate to pledge “Vigorous opposition to any redefinition of the Institution of Marriage…through statutory, bureaucratic, or court-imposed recognition of intimate unions which are bigamous, polygamous, polyandrous, same-sex.”

– HOMOSEXUALITY IS A PUBLIC HEALTH RISK: Footnote 4 claims that homosexuality causes shorter life expectancy and a higher probability of a long list of sexually transmitted diseases. The Leader has previously compared same-sex marriage to second-hand smoking.

– SEX IS BETTER AFTER MARRIAGE: Vow 5 requires the candidate to support the notion that “married people enjoy better health, better sex.”

– PORNOGRAPHY SHOULD BE BANNED: Vow 9 stipulates that the candidate must “support human protection of women and the innocent fruit of conjugal intimacy” and protect them from “seduction into promiscuity and all forms of pornography…and other types of coercion or stolen innocence.”

– REJECT SHARIA ISLAM: Vow 11 requires the candidate to reject Sharia law.

Welcome to the 50’s everyone.  The 1650’s.

It’s always nteresting that we hear the right proclaim that homosexuality is a choice and, therefore, should not be protected. Last time I checked, religion was a choice and we DO protect it.

Vander Plaats and the GOP chistofacists, reject tons of evidence and studies that prove that being gay IS NOT a choice and think if they say that it is over and over again that that will make it true.  But it doesn’t

But what is true is that this is a bunch of dangerous, hateful, homophobic bigots have written and agree with a pledge that sounds like something Adolf Hitler would have had his SS Storm Troopers sign in blood.

Being evil is a choice.  

Being gay isn’t.

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