Hate Cow Maggie Gallagher Thinks NY Is Gonna Be a “Bloody Mess”

Provocateur of bigot and hate, Maggie “Hate Cow” Gallagher took to Christianist Hate Broadcasting Network to opine about same-sex marriage. The Barbarous Bovine went on to hint that there’s going to be violence as a result.

7 thoughts on “Hate Cow Maggie Gallagher Thinks NY Is Gonna Be a “Bloody Mess”

  1. What’s with the bovine references? If this is aimed at her size than you have lowered yourself to her level…

  2. First of all, calling people childish names takes legitimacy away from the real message, which is that it is not ok to hate on and discriminate against people who are different from you.

    Second of all, does this mean it’s ok for people to call you gigantor, tiny tim, fatty, twiggy? And if that’s ok, what’s to keep them from moving on to even more hateful terms such as pole smoker, carpet muncher, faggot, dyke, tranny – which opens up the road to cracker, nigger, kyke, gook, wetback… and what good does all this accomplish? It becomes a pissing match and the real message is lost and we’ve done more harm to our cause than good.

    1. Sorry I disagree. Thats like saying calling her a “bigot” which is true is something that shouldn;t eb done because we might hurt her or the haters feelings. There is such a thing as “too” PC and there becomes a point when thats what harms you.

      As for Mooooooo-gie her career as a professional hater dating abck to the 80’s more than justifies any fat jokes considering she got that way eating food made from the mpney she was paid for by her hate/

      1. Agreed Will. We are in the middle of a war. Yes it’s a metaphorical war. A war of words if you will, but a war none-the-less. And during a war, one does not lob lollipops and cream-puffs.

        If Bovine Bloviator Maggie want to continue to use her vile rhetoric, then we’ll fight fire, with fire. Read Sual Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’. To quote “Change means movement. Movement means friction. Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict.”

  3. Fighting a “war” of words with barbs about someone’s weight not only gives your opponent more reason to hate you, it is an insult to every other overweight person – including those who are on your side.

    You have every right to express your opinion as an individual but it sickens me that you are doing this in the name of LGBt, dragging the rest of us down with you.

    When I first found back2stonewall I was impressed and became a follower, however I must now unsubscribe because I cannot in good conscience condone this tact.


    1. So exactly which part of “an unapologetic LGBT website” did you not understand?

      Sorry to see you go but thats the way we roll here.

      Hasta la vista baby!

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