GOProud Goes Commando – Chris Barron: “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed!”

Jimmy LaSalvia, President of GOProud had an altercation last night. While riding his bike a group of men shoved him off it as he rode by according to Jimmy’s tweet.

Chris Barron on the other hand added that a gay slur was yelled and called the Hate Crimes Law worthless just because it was the GOP kind of thing to do and is now advocating that all gays should all arm themselves.

As much as I LOATHE LaSalvia’s message with GOProud I am sorry that he was abused in any manner.

But c’mon, Chris Barron with a GUN? That’s a freaking scary thought. (Besides where is he going to conceal it?  he always has his shirt off and is showing off his GOP abs.)

4 thoughts on “GOProud Goes Commando – Chris Barron: “Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed!”

  1. This is the most ignorant post I have ever read. Really. You don’t know the story. I know the story because I was there. It happened to me. Chris’s tweet was accurate. I’ll tell the whole story when I am ready. If I were you I would not embarrass yourself any further and take this stupid posting down. – JL

    1. Actually I am very sorry that violence happened to you and I said so in my post. I may not agree with your politics but no one should be bashed.

      The point of the post was Chris’s “run get a gun” attitude. And using the heinous thing that happened to you as a political platform to bash the hate crimes law. That’s whats truly embaressing. You should put a muzzle on that boy.

      I hope that you are alright.


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