FRC Hate Group Pres Tony Perkins Blames The Gays For TLC’s "Sister Wives" Kody Brown (Publicity Stunt?) Lawsuit Defending Polygomy

And so it begins……

Wednesday on behalf of Kody Brown and his four wives,the polygamous family featured on  The Learning Channel’s cable television show “Sister Wives”Attorney Jonathan Turley filed the lawsuit in Salt Lake City’s U.S. District Court  to declare Utah’s bigamy statute, unconstitutional.

The Browns belong to the Apostolic United Bretheran, a fundamentalist church that practices polygamy as part of its faith and like most polygamists in Utah, Brown married the other three women only in religious ceremonies and the couples consider themselves “spiritually married.”

And right on cue Tony Perkin’s of the Family Research Council came out with a big “I told you so” because for many years the group had been saying that that after same sex marriage is allowed next will come polygamy.

“There are times when groups like FRC don’t enjoy being right. And the fallout from the New York same-sex “marriage” law is one of them. Those of us who have spent years in the fight for marriage have cautioned Americans where this brave new world could lead. And it isn’t to “equality.” Once marriage is redefined, we warned, polygamy and open infidelity won’t be far behind. People accused us of exaggerating the stakes. Yet within days of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signing his name to the New York law, a man and his four wives felt emboldened enough to launch a challenge to Utah’s polygamy ban.

In the suit, they argue that the law violates the equal protection clauses of the 14th Amendment. In an interview with the New York Times, Kody Brown said, “We only wish to live our private lives according to our beliefs.” Sound familiar? Homosexual activists have used this same “privacy” argument for decades. And while I believe in those rights, these acts are not constrained to the bedroom. They have devastating implications for society and the culture as a whole. For homosexuals, this has never been about “benefits” or “equality.” It’s about a devastating strategy meant to destroy innocence, religious freedom, and ultimately, the family.”

I’m sure that Tony is enjoying this to the maxium.  He’s just been handed a nice weapon of hate. 

Lets just hope that he hasn’t been handed this because of a publicity stunt by The Learning Channel and Kody Brown our battle for same sex marriage and equality just did not become a little harder.

What do you think?

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