Football Hall Of Famer Anthony Munoz To Sponsor Anti-Gay Hate Group Fundraiser (And yes, Chick-fil-A too!)

Pro Football’s Hall Of Fame Michael Anthony Muñoz, an offensive tackle who played most of his career for the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals, along with former 2-time Superbowl Pro Football player Jim Breech, and yes of course once again christo-facist Chick-fil-A will be sponsoring a fundraising golf tournament for Ohio’s nationally affiliated hate group, the Citizens for Community Values on September 6, 2011 in Cincinnati, OH.

The CCV which proudly proclaims that it is “officially associated” with the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association is one of the many umbrella hate groups of FRC, FOTF, and AFA that fly under the national radar and operate mostly in the Midwest in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, but also has a few chapters throughout the country as far reaching as Connecticut and California.

And while the CCV states that:”CCV definitely is not against homosexuals,” in one paragraph, the next paragraph firmly states that, “We believe that homosexual behavior is unhealthy and destructive to the individual, to families, and thus to communities and to society as a whole.” and that “(you) will join us in resisting, on every front, the organized effort to normalize homosexual behavior in our society”  And also used the Family Research Council hate group’s anti-gay, lie filled propaganda as a brainwashing tool.

While the FRC, FOTF, and the AFA gets the national hate spotlight, its smaller groups that they help control like the CCV breed and hold the Midwest in a vice grip of hatred flying under the radar and enjoying a 501c status because it uses the guise of “pro-family issues” while having Midwest Republicans in their pockets like OH Congressman Jim Jordan and OH Senator Tim Grendall.  These satellite groups of the FRC, FOTF, and the AFA and those who represent them and endorse them must be exposed for the hatemongers that they truly are because while we focus on Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, and Matt Barber these are the real culprits who spread the hate on a grassroots level.

These groups should not to be taken lightly and they should not be overlooked.

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