Federal Government Will Not Fight Bankruptcy of Gay Married Couples

This is good news…well good insofar-as the DoJ has decided not to fight this. It’s not, however, good news on the state of the country’s economy (that’s a post for a different blog).

From The Williamson Daily News and the Associated Press:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal officials no longer plan to contest joint bankruptcy pleadings brought by legally married same-sex couples, a Department of Justice spokeswoman said Friday.

The Obama administration’s recent position is that the federal law forbidding government recognition of same-sex unions is unconstitutional. Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said government lawyers decided this week that letting gay and lesbian couples jointly petition for bankruptcy protection is consistent with that stance.

“The Department of Justice has informed bankruptcy courts that it will no longer seek dismissal of bankruptcy petitions filed jointly by same-sex debtors who are married under state law,” Schmaler said.

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