UPDATED: Douche-Nozzle of the Day: India’s Health Minister Calls Homosexuality a Disease

India’s Minister of Hate and Unabashed Ignorance Health decided that an HIV/AIDS conference would be a good place to express his moronic thoughts on “the gay.” According to BBC News, “Mr Azad told the meeting in Delhi on Monday that homosexuality “is a disease which has come from other countries”.”

Mr Azad later, in trying to clarify his comments says that he was taken out of context, and the he was talking about the disease HIV, not gays. Let us see exactly what Mr Azad had to say, shall we?

Does it sound like he was talking about HIV/AIDS? Yeah, not so much.

UPDATE – This seems to have caused quite the firestorm in India, rightfully so. Here’s a video some of the debate occurring:

Tip of the hat to Joe.My.God.

What do you think?

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