Don’t Know Much About History: Bachmann & Frothy Mix Santorum Sign Anti-Gay Pledge

From MSNBC’s The Last Word:

Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Sen. Rick Santorum became the first presidential candidates to sign an anti-marriage equality, anti-homosexuality, anti-abortion, anti-Sharia law and anti-porn pledge.

The Family Leader, a right-wing religious group in Iowa created “The Marriage Vow — A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family” with the hope that all candidates will sign. In addition to implying African American kids were better off under slavery than they are today, the pledge also asks signers to promise to be faithful to their spouses. (Insert Newt Gingrich joke here).

The man behind it, Bob Vander Plaats, a failed gubernatorial candidate (though randomly a winner in Chuck Norris’ eyes), said the pledge comes in reaction to New York state’s approval of same-sex marriage and the recent sex scandals involving politicians.

The whole thing is…(where to begin?)…just out of this world. You really should read it yourself. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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