Despite Pressure From Hate Groups CA Governor Jerry Brown Signs FAIR Education Act To Add LGBT History to School Studies

Despite thousands of astroturfing phone calls from anti gay religous extremist groups including the American Family Association, The Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed SB 48, the FAIR Education Act, which requires schools to add LGBT History to their curriculum.

Said Senator Mark Leno sponsor of the Bill:

“Today we are making history in California by ensuring that our textbooks and instructional materials no longer exclude the contributions of LGBT Americans. Denying LGBT people their rightful place in history gives our young people an inaccurate and incomplete view of the world around them. I am pleased Governor Brown signed the FAIR Education Act and I thank him for recognizing that the LGBT community, its accomplishments and its ongoing efforts for first-class citizenship are important components of California’s history.”

THANK YOU Senator Leno for sponsoring the Bill and THANK YOU Governor Brown for withstanding the onslaught and doing the right thing and signing it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to buy earplugs to drown out all the Republican screaming and squishy head exploding noises.

What do you think?

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