Coming Soon: ACT UP! The Movie (Video)

There are some powerhouses behind this movie including Gus Van Sant, director of Academy Award winners Good Will Hunting and Milk. From the press release about the film:

For the past three years, Producers/Directors Scott Robbe and Jerry Kolber have gathered research, videos, and documents, as well as rallied the trust and support of key players in ACT UP. Looking at AIDS activism from both the perspective of “how we got here” and “where we are going”, Scott Robbe, and Jerry Kolber will have unprecedented access to the men and women who founded ACT UP! as well as access to an archive of material never before mined in depth for one project (for example, the Gay & Lesbian collection at the New York Public Library, the Testing the Limits Collective archive, civil rights images, photographs, and interviews dating back to the inception of ACT UP). The story explores the real personal tales of what it was like to live during wartime as people you knew and loved died around you every day.

In the tradition of the films BAND OF BROTHERS, REDS and EYES ON THE PRIZE we will combine interviews of key figures in the AIDS activist movement filmed in 1987 with present day interviews, the film will end with a post script about where key figures in the movement are now, both living and dead. As a final hopeful message we will see young activists at work on different projects dealing with the AIDS pandemic worldwide.

This film will serve as both education and inspiration to a new generation of activists, whatever issue they may be fighting for. In ACT UP! we meet the men and women who were part of this movement, as well as seeing archival footage of some of the demonstrations that have not been seen since the 80’s. The devastatingly personal stories of activists, friends and relatives involved in ACT UP’s struggle to end the AIDS crisis, combined with the riveting demonstration footage is at the core of our film. We are extremely fortunate to have the cooperation of filmmakers and producers of such archival footage in keeping the rights cost extremely low. In general, staff and crew have loaned a tremendous amount of energy and time, in kind, in order that this important project get to film festivals, national and international broadcasters.

While the film is still in the production stage, the project will also include a companion book, written by Producers/Directors Scott Robbe and Jerry Kolber, and a CD of music produced by Anthony Rapp that mirrors and celebrates the sense of urgency of the period. We anticipate a wide theatrical release and television broadcast. A portion of the proceeds of the film, book, and CD will benefit UNAIDS, as well as local organizations around the world.

Here’s the trailer:

Visit the website to find out how you can help get the movie to theaters: ACT UP! The Movie

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