BUSTED – FRC Astroturfs With Media Research Council To Attack NBC With FAKE Citizens Group

On June 20th The Media Research Center (cue ominous music) a media analysis organization based in , founded by conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III. who’s mission to “prove — through sound scientific research — that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values” issued the following statement and call to action for religious leaders and people of faith around the country issued the following statement about NBC removing the word’s “under god” from the nationally televised U.S. Open which aired over Fathers Day Weekend:

“NBC has unquestionably committed an act of religious bigotry designed to offend Christians. Removing the words ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance in a piece they aired yesterday during the U.S. Open – not once, but twice – was absolutely not accidental. It was brazenly deliberate. NBC’s pathetic apology did nothing but compound the offense by refusing to admit what they had done. “The Media Research Center will be sending letters to leaders of the top Christian denominations in the country, calling on them to hold NBC’s feet to the fire and demand the network fire those responsible. We are urging religious leaders to educate their congregations to NBC’s attack on faith and join us in publicly denouncing the network.”

And send out the word they did, but they didn’t have to go far or use any stamps it turns out.  with not only

Tony Perkin’s and the hate group the  Family Research Council immediately joined up with  The Media Research Center and another group called the Citizens Against Religious Bigotry (CARB).

Well we all know who the Family Research Council is (unfortunately) but who exactly is The Citizens Against Religious Bigotry

Well its none other than The Media Research Center itself!  Thats right.  Registered and created by Kevin Eder, the Marketing Analytics Coordinator of The Media Research Center.  And further proof of the astroturfing is found looking at the Board Members of CARB which reads like one big incestuous Who’s Who of Hate.  With none other Brent Bozell – Media Research Center president, Tony Perkins – Family Research Council president,  Michael Medved – Nationally syndicated talk radio host, Bill Donohue – Catholic League president, Tim Winter – Parents Television Council president and  Rabbi Daniel Lapin – The American Alliance of Jews and Christians all fronting an imaginary group of Citizens and gleefully taking in donations.

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  1. "Grifters I tell ya…Grifters on the grind!"…sigh. 9_9

    Idea: Send this to the MSNBC night brigade. Betcha Larry-O would send them str8 through the wood-chipper.

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