Anti-Gay Rethuglicans Offer Alternatives to DOMA & Other Anti-Gay Nonsense is reporting on three virulently anti-gay amendments put forth by hate-mongers of the House GOP as amendments to the DoD Appropriations Act for FY 2012.  The first of these is from wall-eyed uber-bigot Rep. Virgina Foxx (R-Dumbfuckistan).  Foxx you’ll recall said that Matthew Shepard’s murder was a hoax. reports:

The amendment aims to shore up the Defense of Marriage Act by, well, enforcing what the Defense of Marriage Act already does, that is to say denies same-sex couples equal benefits or treatment from the federal government. According to the text, the purpose is as follows:

The proposed amendment would reaffirm Congress’ expectation that funds shall not be used for benefits, such as housing, education, medical services, transportation, etc., for same-sex couples on the same basis as opposite-sex married couples.

Foxx, who introduced the amendment along with Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) (more from him in a moment), contends this amendment is necessary because currently there is no Plan B should those “radical lawyers and judges” following the U.S. Constitution overturn DOMA because, you know, it is unconstitutional, or as they put it:

It is not enough for the Department of Defense to dismiss all concerns about this and many other issues involving marriage status and benefits by pointing to the existence of the DOMA. There is no contingency “Plan B” to deal with this issue if federal courts invalidate that law. Indeed, the administration is inviting that possibility. Possible court orders could suddenly overturn current policies of the Department of Defense, which is not likely to resist or oppose potential court orders or directives that disregard the intent of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Congress should establish policy guidance on this issue that covers numerous contingencies and unexpected situations in the future. Given the potentially enormous cost of extending marriage benefits to same-sex couples and their dependents, Congress can and should enact a policy making it clear that Defense Department funds should not be used in ways that violate federal law: the Defense of Marriage Act.

There you go. She doesn’t want to have to pay for equality. How heartwarming. Particularly telling is the line about having a “Plan B,” or to give the contingency measure its full title, the “Back up our Bigotry” plan. Catchy!

This modern day GOP will do ANYTHING to promote bigotry and hatred, won’t they?  Check out for the rest of the GOP’s hateful nonsense.

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