60 New York Judges Volunteer To Waive Waiting Period And Perform Same Sex Marriages On July 24th

Under legislation signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 24, same-sex couples will be able to obtain marriage licenses on Sunday, July 24.

Unfortunately though under New York State Law couples who do obtain marriage licenses cannot be married for 24 hours. Those who want an on-the-spot wedding on July 24 will have to go before a Supreme Court justice or a County Court judge to obtain a waiver of the state-required waiting period and with that date falling on a Sunday it would usually be very hard to get married immediately.  But about 60 New York judges have so far volunteered to come to the rescue and make it easier for same sex marriage couples to be wed immediately on that day.

Almost all of the volunteer judges in the city have agreed to handle waiver requests and to perform ceremonies that very day.

Same-sex marriage “has been a long time coming and many long time friends have waited for years,” said Justice Rosalyn H. Richter of the Appellate Division, First Department, who is one of an estimated 20 openly gay judges in the state.

Brooklyn Justice Lawrence S. Knipel  said, “I’ve been a judge for 21 years, and this really is a truly historic change in our laws, and I’d like to be in on its implementation from Day One, and Sunday is Day One.”

Source:  Law.com

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