6 Atlanta Police Fired Over Eagle Bar Raid in 2009 – DOJ Cites Raid As Evidence Of Sexual Orientation Discrimination

It’s taken a little over two years but six Atlanta police officers have been fired — and others face disciplinary action — after an investigation found they lied about what happened during a raid on an Atlanta gay bar the The Atlanta Eagle  almost two years ago.  The raid which involved ten police cars and fifteen officers.  included forcing the patrons lie on the floor during the raid and endure insults from the Police Department.  the police arrested eight employees for providing adult entertainment. All charges were either later dropped or dismissed.

After an an investigation into the incident, a report last month stated that at least 10 officers lied and many deleted data from cell phones to hide their actions during the September 2009 raid.

Six officers were dismissed Friday “for violating the department’s truthfulness policy,” police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a statement. Two other officers accused of lying had already been dismissed as a result of an unrelated internal investigation, Campos said, and Chief George Turner ordered that the charges against two others be withdrawn because there wasn’t enough evidence they lied.

On July 1, the Department of Justice cited the Atlanta Police Department’s raid on the Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar, as evidence of ongoing discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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