Was Being Caught In Bed With This Man The Reason Texas Gov. Rick Perry Was Divorced?

Looks like we are about to mess with Texas where rumours are resurfacing once again  about Gov. Rick Perry’s sexuality and the REAL reason why behind his wife divorced him.

According to some very reliable sources its seems that Rick was found was found red handed and red faced in bed with this man, then Texas Secretary of State Geoffrey S. Connor (pictured left holding glasses), whom Perry appointed in August 2003.

Rumours of Perry’s uncivil union have surfaced before but,  now with Rick ‘s decision to have a day of prayer with the anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council and fall on his knees in front of Tony Perkins.they are resurfacing again with a vengeance with some pretty damming talk of being able to back up the allegations this time

Considering Perry’s past its not all that hard to believe.  Perry who is a graduate of Texas A&M University was a junior and senior yell leader. Besides being a cheerleader, Perry was also a member of the Corps of Cadets, an all-male military-styled student group which labels itself as the “largest uniformed student organization in the nation that likes to prance”.

If true hopefully Rick will prance off into history as another hypocritical self loathing closet case.

Only time will tell.

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  1. This story has been ongoing since 2004. The Austin Chronicle was supposedly going to do something but apparently never did.

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