Video – "The Sissy Experiment" Part 2 – Confronting George Allan Rekers About The Death Of Kirk Murphy

Anderson Cooper and CNN take a three part look at the tragic death of Kirk Murphy

In 1970, a five-year-old boy named Kirk Murphy was subjected to an ex-gay experiment. Under the care of  George Rekers, , he underwent therapy to eliminate supposed effeminate behaviors.

In 1974, Lovaas and Rekers jointly published a paper about the boy they renamed “Kraig,” heralding his treatment for “childhood cross-gender problems” a success and claiming he had been transformed from a gender-confused homosexual-in-waiting to a healthy, heterosexual young man. On the back of this study, Rekers built a career as an anti-gay activist and a supposed expert in childhood sexual development. He co-founded the officially sanctioned anti-gay hate the Family Research Council and championed “ex-gay” therapy to turn gay men straight.

In 2003, Kirk, aged 38 years old and gay, committed suicide.

In May 2010 George Rekers was exposed for hiring gay male prostitute as a travel companion for a two-week vacation in Europe

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Part 2

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