Video: NY Senator Greg Ball On Why He Voted NO On Same Sex Marriage: I Had To Protect The Bigots (And My Ass)

New York Senator Greg Ball appeared on CNN last night and explained to Anderson Cooper on why he flip flopped from a YES vote and chose to vote on the wrong side of history.

The answer?  he had to protect ALL the religious bigots of course.  Not just the church and clergy mind you.  But the homophobic photographers, caterers, D.J.’s and even limo drivers.  (Well that and he was scared shitless of NOM)

In ten years time, nobody will remember Greg Ball. He’ll be Mr Nobody. In contrast, all the other senators will be remembered, including Ball’s party colleagues in Seland and Grisanti.

Too bad Greg looks like you really did drop the ball. 

And it’s a shame. you are kinda good looking.  Too bad you are such a total douche.

What do you think?

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