3 thoughts on “Video – Michelle Bachmann Happily Bashes Gays and Gay Marriage In Stump Speech

  1. It's all about you gays isn't it? Believe me, the world doesn't revolve around you. Stop whining about not feeling accepted by the straight community. We are tired of hearing about it. Yes, that sounds harsh to you, but guess what…we really wish you would keep your sex lives to yourselves.

  2. Equal rights have nothing to do with sex. race or religion. Perhaps when you GOP lemmings finally follow one of these loons like Bachmann, Palin, or Fuckabee over a cliff our country will be a better place.

    Have a nice night…oh and yes. BLOW ME!

  3. @Charlie

    It's not about sex. If it were, then why would half the world tune in to watch the Royal Wedding? They weren't watching that for sex, they were watching it for love. Marriage is about love, faith, devotion, commitment, and equal rights. It's about not marginalizing or lessening a people's right to exist.

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