Video – Elisabeth Hasselbeck Attempts To Defend Anti-Gay Bigot David Tyree On ‘The View’


Hassel-Crack apparently spoke with Tyree this morning before the show, obviously so she can get on TV and defend his bigoted and discriminatory hate speech. She basically blew sunshine up his ass and almost hemorrhaged trying to convince everyone what her wonderful person he is and how he stands up for his convictions even if it’s not the popular choice. She then has the effin nerve (with her immature desperateness she is so known for) to justify Tyree’s statements by saying that even our president doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. Note to dumbass Lizzy, Obama refused to defend DOMA, leaving it in the ever so greedy eager hands of your “people” to continue the fight to keep discrimination alive and well in this country. Also Obama embraces gay parenting as we well know

What do you think?

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