Video – Code Pink Protestor Glitter-Bombs GOP Pres Hopeful Tim Pawlety In San Francisco

Tim Pawlety got a much deserved welcome from a two Code Pink protestor at his “Courage to Stand” book signing in San Francisco who glitter-bombed Pawlety while shouting “”Where’s your courage to stand for gay rights and women’s reproductive rights, Tim Pawlenty? Welcome to San Francisco. Home of gay hero Harvey Milk!”

Now thats what we’re talkin about kids.  Stand up and push back. Make a statement.  Any statement.

As silly as it seemd to some of you out there even something like this makes them realize that we are becoming fed up and we are just going to push back more and more.  Basically we need to scare the shit out of them

These two women are HEROES in my book.

What do you think?

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