Video – Andrew Sullivan: The It’s Gets Better Campaign Is Great! The HRC And The Democrats Suck.


I hate when I agree with Andrew Sullivam.  But in this case I only have to hate myself partially.

Okay I DO believe that the It Gets Better Campaign is absolutely great and wonderful.  And anyone who reads this blog knows I think that HRC and Gay Inc are a total waste and that many of the older Democratic politicians need to be voted out and  replaced and the newer ones that are there now need to grow a set of balls.  But I do agree with Andrew Sullivan’s “eventual acceptance” attitude. Which many a queen out there buys into.

Going by his litmus of 15% in 1989 to 52% acceptance  today on gay marriage .  If we go by this that means that in the year 2034 it would still not be 100 percent accepted and be at 89 percent accepted.  ANOTHER 23 years? FUCK ME!  I mean I DO care about the next gay generation but is it okay if I want it for MYSELF?  Who the hell is going to marry me in 23 years and what of all the gay and lesbians who will pass before that time.  And that only covers gay marriage NOT FULL EQUALITY!

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it before.  We cannot stop fighting on the streets and in Washington.  But we need to be more aggressive than ever and we need to have a three pronged attack to stop being aftraid and many more of us need to push more aggressively through the courts.   BECAUSE THE COURTS WILL OUR EQUALITY.

What do you think?

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