VIDEO – Andrew Breitbart Attempts To Crash Netroots Nation 11 (Right On 11 Must Be Pretty Damn Boring)

Andrew (Extortionist Douchebag) Breitbart must have been so bored over at the Right Wings psuedo counterpart of Netroots Nation called Right On! because Mr. Sleaze himself slimed his way over tot he Minneapolis Convention Center to check NN11 out. (And really can you blame him, I mean Right On 11 can’t even fill the Hilton Hotel let alone a Convention Center and I am sure the members of GOProud give lousey head)

Somehow Breitbart who’s not only a douchebag but he’s a cheap douchebag at that refused to shell out the $350 dollars it would cost for a ticket and barged his way in, all the way down two flights to the main door of the convention where he was confronted by those in attendance with one member asking Breibart if he snorted cocaine and read gay male pornography instead of the relevant questions like does he eat children and suck the souls out of virgins as they sleep.

An obvious stunt by Breitbart which the right will lap up like the well trained curs they are.

What do you think?

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