Syfy Channel’s "Warehouse 13" Adds Gay Character In Third Season

Aaron Ashmore who played the role of Jimmy Olsen on the recently ended Smallville will be jumping to another fantasy show that of Warehouse 13 on the SyFy channel.  Ashmore will play suit-clad special agent Steve Jinks who has the ability to tell when someone is lying and also who just happens to be gay.

According to series-creator Jack Kenny “Syfy suggested it. We were pitching this character and a couple of the execs are gay and said, “What if Steve was gay?” We immediately jumped on the idea — but it’s just a part of who he is, it doesn’t define the character.”

And that is exactly what television needs more of.  Characters who being gay is just who they are.  Not what the characters all about.

Season 3 of Warehouse 13 debuts on July 11 at 9:00 pm on the SyFy channel

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