Recently Discovered Lost BBC Tape Proves Sean Connery Kissed The First Man On Television In 1960

The Toronto Sun has has reported that researchers have found lost footage of Sean Connery kissing another actor in what is thought to be the first televised male-to-male kiss.

In the 1960 BBC television program “The Sunday Night Play” Twentieth Century Theatre’s production of “Colombe” Connery kisses on the lips Richard Pasco, who plays his brother. Connery’s character believes his sibling is having an affair with his wife and kisses him in a bid to understand why she has picked him as her lover. 

The teleplay was based on the original Broadway production of the play “Mademoiselle Colombe” by Jean Anouilh which opened at the Longacre Theatre on January 6, 1954 and ran for 61 performances.

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