Obama To Ask For The LGBT Community’s Backing At $1,250 Per Plate “Gala with the Gay Community,” – Hold My Hair

Tomorrow night President Obama will be holding a $1,250 per plate “Gala with the Gay Community,” hosted by Doogie Houser (NPH) at The Sheraton Hotel in New York City. 

“The LGBT Leadership Gala” (some leadership) is the first fundraising event with the LGBT community held by a sitting president to ask the LGBT Community’s help to get him elected in 2012.  Also tomorrow night President Obama IS NOT expected to endorse same sex marriage.

The nerve, the gall, the utter balls this man has coming to us for support when he delivered a mere fraction of the promises he made while writing pretty proclamations and throwing LGBT cocktail parties and crumbs to FOUR YEARS without putting any REAL PRESSURE or taking any REAL ISSUES truly to task.

Obama’s campaign strategists, are quick to point out the president’s record of support for the LGBT community, highlighting his repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which never would have happened in his first term if we, the gay community did not exert an ENORMOUS amount of pressure on the White House to get Congress to push through before the new Republican regime was seated in 2010, and his decision to withdraw legal support for the Defense of Marriage Act, only after being called out for the lies about “having to defend any laws on the books and the Department of Justice DEFENDING DOMA for the first two years of his office by likening it in legal briefs to incest and people marrying children.”

Obama may have argued from the beginning for equal legal rights, equal benefits. but lets face it, hat’s basically all he’s done. He’s brought (some) equal benefits to the federal government but only a very tiny portion with LGBT Federal workers still not having the full benefits of their counterparts.  And Obama could not even exert enough or be bothered to exert enough pressure to get the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) through Congress.

It takes a lot of balls for Obama to stand up in front of the LGBT Community to ask for money and support for 2012.  Perhaps he should use those balls during his first four years of his presidency and ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING FOR THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE instead of just using them for fundraising.

You want the money?  You want the LGBT Community’s full support and backing?  Then keep the promises that you made, do the job you were sworn to do and “evolve” already because we may not have much of a choice in voting for you.  But we DON’T have to “support” you.

What do you think?

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