Nine Youths Aged 12-19 Arrested In Massachusetts For Beating and Robbery Of Gay Man

Nine youths ranging in ages from 12-19 have been arrested for the beating and robbery of a gay man tthat happened his morning in Springfield, Massachusettes.

Springfield Police Sergeant John Delaney states that Shay Andre Edwards 19, of Springfield was arrested on charges of unarmed robbery and violation of civil rights with injury. Four other teen boys and four teen girls have are also facing the same crimes in connection with the attack

Shortly before 3:00 am Tuesday morning, the group saw the 30 year-old man walking by Barrows Park. They called out to the man, telling him to enter the park, but he kept walking. That was when they allegedly knocked him to the ground. The male teens punched him in the face and kicked him in the head and stomach, while the females of the group cheered them on. All the while, the group members allegedly yelled out anti-gay slurs. And all the group took was his MP3 player before running off.

The group is being charged with unarmed robbery and civil rights violation with injury.  The victim unarmed head trauma and other bodily injury.

Springfield, MA is ranked the13th most-gay friendly city in U.S

On a personal note.  EVERY ONE of these children’s parents should al be charged and punished.  12 years olds out at 3:00am in the morning?  And they say WE shouldn’t be able to raise children?


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