New Sci-Fi Video Game "XCom" To Tackle Anti-Gay Attitudes In The 1960’s

E3’s new video game  XCOM which takes place in America’s alternate history where an alien invasion interrupts the Cold War right before the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy is still the president, and civil rights movements are in full swing will have a gay character.

The character Dr. Weir, is a brilliant Australian scientist working with the United States to thwart the alien invasion, and is also a closet homosexual.   Weir will both a sexual and a political opposition to the elite of the country, which are still very conservative in the 1960’s.

Via GayGamer:

“He (Weir) doesn’t fit their paradigm. It is hard for them to acknowledge that one of the best scientists in the world is, in their minds, deviant. So he’s struggled with that for a long time.

But all of sudden this alien invasion hits and they need him and they have to put it aside. But then you see those tensions come to bear in the base. There are characters who don’t like working with him. They are people of their time. And so you’ll see different positions represented amongst the core cast. But he is – he is a man with true grit. He’s able to weather it pretty well, and the player kind of gets to decide where they fall on that continuum. You can basically decide how to treat him.”

Its nice to see more gay characters popping up in video games out there and while the story seems interesting it is also reminiscent of  Dr. Alan Turning, a brillant scientist who during the 1950’s was persecuted for his homosexuality which eventually led to his tragic death. 

Lets hope that the character in “XCom” fares better

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