Matt Drudge Of The Drudge Report Is A Closet Case (Duh!)

You know there is only one thing more satisfying than outing a GOP conservative scumbag.

And that’s being able to out him over and over and over again and that’s the case when it comes to uber-douche Matt Drudge creator and editor of the conservative muck raking  The Drudge Report.

So once again its time to throw the closet doors open and shine the spotlight on this self loathing, closeted mo’ and’s Ryan Tate does a fantastic job including such tid-bids as:

Brock, the former right-wing writer, wrote in his memoir Blinded by the Right about a “scary” date in which Drudge, after bringing Brock flowers and navigating the Santa Monica gay strip “like a pro,” stepped on a competing suitor’s foot “really hard” (in Drudge’s purported words) in a nightclub to scare him away from Brock. He also reproduced an overly blunt email in which Drudge wrote, “Laura [Ingraham] spreading stuff about you and me being fuck buddies. I should be so lucky.”

To the time when:

Alec Baldwin stated that Drudge made an advance on him in an ABC Studios hallway, a proposition that had “kind of a creepy quality to it.”

So head on over to Gawker and check out Tates post.

Because if you ever thought that you or anyone you’ve ever know was royally fucked up you’ll feel a million times better after reading about Drudge.

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