AFA Hate Group President Tony Perkins Double Header! – Jesus Keeps Me From Chocking Homos & I Know Seamen!

Also little Tony has been busy today when Perkins a former Navy man who has tasted more seaman than the only hooker at Fleet Week had this to say about Robert gates and the state of the DADT Repeal

It’s hard to believe that he made that statement with a straight face. After all the testimony and Pentagon scrutiny, it’s incredibly disingenuous to suggest that the military won’t be affected by repeal. Some leaders may be on board with the change, but even they recognize that it is change. If this were just business as usual, would the military be wasting hours on training? Would the Pentagon have deflected valuable resources to survey the troops
This isn’t a change–it’s a complete upheaval for the entire force. More than anyone, Secretary Gates should understand the major implications for the two million-plus active duty and reserve personnel. Whether the issue is as broad as religious freedom or as basic as bunks and bathrooms, forcing the military to embrace open homosexuality will have real and devastating consequences for the men and women in uniform.” –  Tony Perkins

Bunks, bathrooms and two million men serviced, I mean two million servicemen?

Sounds like Tony is projecting some fantasies there or perhaps living some old memories of when he swabbed some decks.

What do you think?

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