IT’S OFFICIAL! Psychological Study PROVES Homophobic Men Most Aroused by Gay Male Porn

This one is going out to “Porno Pete” LaBarbera, Tony (Perkinks) Pekins, Bryan (Fishnets) Fischer, Matt (Boom Boom Boom Let’s Go Back To My Room) Barber and all you other closet case gay haters out there.

It’s now OFFICIAL!  YOU REALLY ARE!  (Closet cases that is.)

A psychological study has PROVEN that homophobic men are aroused by gay porn!  Now we all knew that, but its nice to have it verified on paper just to shove down your throats.  LOL!

A study done by Department of Psychology, University of Georgia, Athens (Which is not made up like the groups that you quote from) asked a group of heterosexual men their attitudes towards homosexuality. Based on their answers, they were then divided  into two groups: men that are homophobic, and men who are not. The two groups were then shown three, four minute videos. One straight sex, one depicted lesbian sex and one depicted gay male sex. While this was happening, a device was attached to the male participant’s penises. This device has been found to be triggered by sexual arousal, but not other types of arousal.

Well surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE!

When shown the lesbian sex and straight sex, both the homophobic and the non-homophobic men showed increased penis circumference.

But when asked about the gay sex video’s the homophobic men answered they weren’t arouse but their penis’s spoke loud and clear because for the gay male sex video ONLY the homophobes showed heightened penis arousal.


Perhaps we should all start a donation drive and send these guys our used porn.


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One thought on “IT’S OFFICIAL! Psychological Study PROVES Homophobic Men Most Aroused by Gay Male Porn

  1. Was there ever any doubt? There was a Stanford (I think) study done back in the late '80s or early '90s that found that the most virulent anti-gay bigots, were usually trying to repress the homosexual feelings in themselves. I don't think it's a big secret that these are nothing more than a bunch of self-hating Troglodytes.

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