Insanity Doesn’t Run On American Family Radio It F**king Gallops – "Homosexuality Is A Learned Response"

“Dr” Alex McFarland appeared on American Family Radio where he claimed that alleged that people aren’t born gay, and that gays are really just victims of “emotional pain and sometimes molestation.” and of course that Christians are really the people who are being prosecuted now.

McFarland who is really not a medical or psychiatric doctor at all but in reality has a Master’s degree in Christian Thought / Apologetics from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA.  He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Southern Evangelical Seminary which in reality makes his “Dr”. credentials and his opinion on any subject about as legitimate as Dr. Pepper’s,
From Right Wing Watch:

The point is homosexual behavior is nurture not nature. It’s a learned response to emotional pain and sometimes molestation. We can do a whole show on this. And I’ve interviewed experts on this, we’ve had debates, we’ve heard from people on all sides of the issue. Homosexual behavior is not something people are born with, God would not make you a certain way and then say ‘repent of that way.’ And so Marvin my point in all this is that we are reaching the time that as the Old Testament warned in Isaiah that people are calling good evil and evil good, and we as Christians really do need to pray because Heaven help us if we’ve reach a point in our country that it would be against the law to really give the full counsel of God. – Alex McFarland Hate and Snake Oil Salesman

*Thanks to @CitizenWilliams for the heads up.

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