How Would Anthony Weiner’s Pictures Do On Grindr? Pretty Damn Well It Turns Out.

As we sit here day by day and watch Andrew Brietbart slowly, methodically and deliberately destroy the political career of Anthony Weiner for nothing more than being a horndog and showing some bad judgement. But it took came up with the idea about how Anthony Weiner’s picture would do if they were put up on Grindr. 

Surprisingly it  turns out if Anthony played for our team he’s make out like a bandit.

We uploaded Weiner’s shirtless shot to a phone, and logged on in midtown Manhattan. Almost immediately, men started sending him messages. “More pics,” one 31-year-old man, wearing an oversized baseball cap and standing on a beach, asked immediately. When Weiner responded with the image of himself posing with his cats, and then the picture of his bulging gray briefs, the man answered by asking Weiner’s age, and sending a shirtless photo of himself in his underpants.

Over the course of the next 24 hours, Weiner’s Grindr profile received six more messages from people who were intrigued and interested in potentially meeting up. Their entreaties ranged from a straightforward “hey handsome” to “where you at?” to a man sending a picture of himself upside down on a trapeze

As “shocking” as Weiner’s photos were to middle America. They aren’t all that scandalous in the gay community. Where trading pictures, posting video, and webcam sex is almost the norm. You see we moved forward sexually and Middle America” has moved back to the year 1692. It wouldn;t surprise me if a housewife in Idaho has already made Weiner a pair of trousers ready with a big red “W” on the crotch for Weiner to wear.

I’m not excusing his lying, but I can understand his embarrassment at being caught.  And I do feel sorry for the pain his wife is going though.  But lets not lose sight of the fact that this has been nothing more than a long drawn out “blackmail” campaign by Andrew Brietbart who obviously had his minions put in many hours collecting the pictures and then proceeded to release the pictures one by one to mount more and more pressure on Weiner to resign or the Congress to kick him out.  And that’s something I can’t excuse.  To me Brietbart’s calculated extortion of Weiner beats some skin pics any day.

What do you think?

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