Et tu Home Depot? Shareholders Rise Against Home Depot And Anti-Gay Political Contributions

The usually very gay friendly Home Depot is finding itself in a bit of a pickle as news comes of allegations of anti-gay political giving that has some its shareholders up in arms.

While Home Depot by outward appearance is very LGBT friendly there are instances in its past where Home Depot’s eponymous political action committee. has for instance donated to anti-gay pols like in 2006, the PAC donated $1,000 to Kansas Republican Sam Brownback, now the state’s governor and a supporter of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and gave $10,000 to help Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. McDonnell is a staunch opponent of workplace protections for LGBT state employees.

So to rectify this Julie Goodridge, CEO of NorthStar Asset Management of Boston, a socially active investment firm has introduced a measure that Home Depot shareholders will be voting on  urging the company to disclose all political campaign spending—past and projected, to candidates and third-party outfits—to elect or defeat candidates running for office. The resolution would give shareholders the chance to vote for or against Home Depot’s campaign contributions and make the firm’s top brass study whether the company’s political spending would damage Home Depot’s value and image

Not surprisingly, Home Depot says it’s the role of their executives, not shareholders, to choose how to make political contributions.

The usually LGBT friendly Home Depot is currently under attack by the American Family Association for being “too gay friendly and promoting a gay agenda”

Pick a freakin lane people.  Love us or hate us. 

Just let me know so I can spend my gay money where its truly wanted and appreciated.

What do you think?

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