Chris R Barron Of GOProud" "Why The Left Hates Me" ( Maybe Megalomania Has Something To Do With It)

Written on Chris R. Barron’s blog site today “REDBarron”.

“Let’s be honest, the left doesn’t hate me because I am mean or brash or too aggressive – the same label can be applied to many of my critics. No, the left hates me because I have the audacity to stand up to them. They hate me because I am a conservative who happens to be gay. They hate me because I won’t be bullied by them. They hate me because I have dared to wander off the liberal plantation, because I refuse to play the victim card, and because I have rejected their failed big government agenda. So if the left is looking for an apology for things I say on twitter or the things I write on my blog or for statements I make on TV, they won’t get one. Indeed, they can expect more of the same.”


This is why Chris “The Bad Situation” Barron thinks we hate him?

Might it not be because GOProud, a suppossedly “527 organization representing conservative gays, lesbians, transgendered people, and their allies” really only represents thier own members wallets?

Because LETS BE HONEST.  How can you represent the LGBT community when you take NO position on LGBT Equality Measures and when you do you stand against them like The Mathhew Shepard Hate Crimes Act and you support and endorse GOP candidates like  Carly Fiorina, Mark Kirk, Sean Bielat, and other GOP’s who stand against LGBT equality and who would rather shove us back in the closet and in some cases even cause us harm.

Maybe that’s the reason Chrissy.

Personally I don’t hate you.  I just think you are a douchebag.

But since you’ve brought it up and have  why you think the Left hates you. Maybe now can you explain to us why you hate yourself.

What do you think?

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